Fan Festival 2015 For Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix has announced another Fan Festival in celebration of their upcoming fourth expansion to Final Fantasy XI. Wings of the Goddess is the latest expansion for the MMORPG.

Fans who attend will be able to see and play some live quests of the new expansion and attend panels that contain the FFXI development team.

The event will be located at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, California. It lasts 3 days from Nov. 15th -17th.

You can pre-register at the official FFXI Festival website. Pre-registering will cost US$85 which covers the admission for three days, a ‘Gobbiebag’ filled with goodies and an exclusive in-game item only available to attendees.

Only 1500 people can attend by the way, so register fast!

Final Fantasy 13 Is Only 13% Complete

News from the Playstation Premier event has trickled its way down to us on this side of the Pacific. Apparently Final Fantasy 13 is only 13% complete and Versus 13 is only 1.3% complete.

What does this really mean? Nothing. Obviously the 13% and 1.3% numbers are a joke, given the title of the game is FF13. I imagine that Square merely thinks that these titles still have a long way to go. I do predict that we’ll see these games launched on more than just the Playstation 3. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Square’s next big Final Fantasy come out on the 360. Thats right, the Xbox 360.

New Details For Final Fantasy XI Expansion
From E3, new details of the “Wings of the Goddess” Final Fantasy XI expansion have been released.

The expansion will include 30 new areas, new monsters and jobs. Most of the content will be aimed at experienced players.

The expansion offers a view into the Crystal Wars- 20 years into the game’s past. Also things that happen while in the past could affect the games present such as monsters could become extinct.

This expansion will be made available across all three FFXI platforms.

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