Final Fantasy 7

A giant Mako company known as Shinra is threatening the land by sucking the life out of the land with big machines known as reactors. Shinra creates Mako and Materia, which grants the wisdom of the Ancients to the user. These resources are growing low and it’s slowly taking its toll on the planet. Shinra is well aware of this fact but they keep sucking the life from the planet with no remorse.


Shinra’s evil deeds are the least of their problems. A long thought dead warrior from the past is now seeking more power. He seeks vengeance for the Ancients, his race. He gains extreme amounts of power from the planet and knowledge from books on the Ancients, he’s a deadly threat to the
planet and to everything held sacred. Now it’s up to one mercenary and a small rebel group known as AVALANCHE from the slums, they have set their eyes on defending the poor and taking action on Shinra and putting a stop to their evil deeds. Only time will tell what is in for them, you have three discs of pure RPG gaming to find out for yourself, have fun.


Game: Final Fantasy 7
Platform: Sony Playstation
Published by: Eidos Interactive
Developed by: Square
Players: 1
Medium: 1 DVD Disc
Genre: Turn-Based Roleplaying
Official website:
Release Dates:
Japan: March 9th, 1998
US: June 24th, 1998
Europe: March 9th, 1998
Final Fantasy 7 launched the Final Fantasy series into the limelight.

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