Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles



The first title released on a Nintendo platform since Sony’s takeover of the series, Crystal Chronicles offered a deviation from the standard graphics and game play of it’s time, offering multiplayer options and a single player option with a GBA.


Seek the water of life.

Long ago, miasma swallowed the world. Its very touch was fatal, and it claimed many lives. But we have since discovered a way to hold it at bay.

Crystals protect us from miasma. Smaller crystals now guard the villages of the world, while greater ones guard the cities. We all live our lives within the embrace of the crystals’ blessing.

The power of …

Fan Festival 2015 For Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix has announced another Fan Festival in celebration of their upcoming fourth expansion to Final Fantasy XI. Wings of the Goddess is the latest expansion for the MMORPG.

Fans who attend will be able to see and play some live quests of the new expansion and attend panels that contain the FFXI development team.

The event will be located at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, California. It lasts 3 days from Nov. 15th -17th.

You can pre-register at the official FFXI Festival website. Pre-registering will cost US$85 which covers the admission for three days, a ‘Gobbiebag’ filled with goodies and an exclusive in-game item only available to attendees.

Only …

Nomura Interview on FF:Fabula Nova Crystallis

Tetsuya Nomura seems to be getting a lot of coverage these days. Here’s another interview with him. This time its the Fabula Nova Crystallis project.

“In Versus XIII we want to elaborate more on the world and the human side of the characters, their way of thinking and how and why they behave like they do. This might take the game conception to a darker level than the other games in the FF series.”

“How Versus XIII’s concept works is difficult to explain, because it’s really more about the series as a whole than just FFXIII. There are no explicit rules for how a Final Fantasy game should be…I want …