Character Test

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1. Favourite Final Fantasy Game from the following?
Final Fantasy 6.
Final Fantasy 7.
Final Fantasy 8.
Final Fantasy 9.
Final Fantasy 10.
Final Fantasy 10-2.
Final Fantasy 12.
I don’t really know.

2. You see a man lying injured in the road. What do you do?
Ignore him – after all, I don’t know him.
Call an ambulance and make sure he’s okay.
Kill him – he’s better off dead.
Search his pockets – there might be something worth taking

3. Who would win in a big fight?
A strong warrior from the North.
A powerful spell-casting mage.
A sneaky lock-picking thief.
A shuriken-wielding ninja.
A summoner who can call up powerful beasts.
A martial arts master.
A mysterious vampire.
A powerful beast.

4. What is the most important ability for a warrior?
Strength and power.
Speed and agility.
Intelligence and strategy.
Magical ability.
A big sword.
Ability to heal comrades.
How gravity defying my hair is.

5. What would make the best team?
A huge army.
A handful of elite fighters.
A leader and a knight guarding him/her.
Two comrades fighting for each other.
One insanely powerful warrior.
Depends how big the army is.

6. What is the most beautiful way of killing someone?
Blast them with a fireball.
Slice them into bits with a katana.
Shoot them.
Punch them repeatedly.
Chuck something at them.
Burning down their house and poisoning them.

7. If you could rule a country, what kind of leader would you be?
An evil dictator.
A peace-seeking Princess.
A loyal and fair king.
I’d never want to rule a country – too much hassle.
I’d never want to rule a country – I’d much rather the right-hand man of the leader.

8. You’re thirsty. You look around. There is a glass of water on the table.
The glass is half-full.
The glass is half-empty.
The water must be poisoned.

9. Your friend discovers that his cookie has been stolen.
Cheer him up – it’s only a cookie.
Share his pain.
At least it wasn’t my cookie.
Hunt down the cookie thief ruthlessly.
Someone stole your cookie? Ohh, oops, that must have been me.

10. Favourite movie genre?

11. Which would you choose as a pet?
A blue monster thing.
None of the above.
I don’t like animals.

12. What do your eyes show?
Power and hatred.
Ignorance and moronity.
Thoughtfulness and kindness.

13. What is your greatest ambition?
To be successful.
To lead a quiet, happy life.
To make lots of friends.
To become really rich.
To build a huge empire.
To take over the world with my dead mother.
To save the world.
To live forever.
To find out the meaning of life.
To travel around the world in an airship/plane.

14. You wake up to find yourself as warrior. A weapon rack magically appears next to you. Weapon of choice?
A small gun.
A strong wooden staff.
A rusty, yet secure piece of armour.
Some throwing knives.
A pen.

15. Nearly done. Any additional comments?
At least there aren’t any more stupid questions.
I bet I’m going to get my least favourite character.
Hmm… Does this question count towards the final answer?
I can’t wait to find out which character I am!
… whatever.

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