FF Fan Fiction Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

Reno paced the hall outside Cera’s suite, trying desperately to pull himself together. He wasn’t nervous about their date, if he could really call it that since they were just having dinner there instead of actually going out. What was really bothering him was the last-minute instructions Rufus had given him.

No sex, which was pretty much a given with Rufus watching their every move. Not that he had anything against being watched in that situation, but he didn’t want his boss doing the watching. He also wasn’t to try to kiss her or touch her in some overtly romantic way. Reno had raised an eyebrow at that …

FF Fan Fiction Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

Reno grumbled under his breath as he exited the elevator and made his way down the hall to Cera’s suite. He still had a hard time believing what Rufus had told him about her, but his employer had supplied more than enough evidence (which he found by searching data recovery near me) to support the idea that she really was his sister. He’d only gotten a chance to read a couple of the letters in the stack Rufus had tossed at him before they were taken away from him, but Reno had read enough to know that she was part of some sort of experiment involving genetic manipulation.

Rufus had brought up a diagram of Cera’s DNA …

FF Fan Fiction Chapter 6

Chapter Six

Rufus Shinra stood at the windowed back wall of his office on the top floor of the new ShinRa headquarters, staring out over the rapidly growing city of Edge that sprawled out before him, hands clasped behind his back as he waited for Reno. He knew that having a surveillance camera installed in the suite he had moved Cera to would prove to be an asset, although he had hoped he would have caught her displaying some sort of remarkable abilities rather than witnessing the blossoming relationship she had with one of his trusted Turks. He had learned at a young age, however, that when things don’t go …

Character Test

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2. You see a man lying injured in the road. What do you do?
Ignore him – after all, I don’t know him.
Call an ambulance and make sure he’s …

FF Fan Fiction Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Reno froze in place, his hand still on the doorknob as he stood in the threshold of the room Rufus had moved Cera to. It was hard to believe that just over a week ago, her hard drive had failed and she had been struggling to stand. Her face lit up with a smile as she crossed the room to stand before him, walking with an effortless grace that belied her previous physical state, the skirt of her long white dress billowing softly with each step she took.

“Something wrong?” she asked him, turning to gaze at herself in a mirror that was situated next to them. She looked herself over self-consciously for a …

FF Fan Fiction Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Reno stood quietly against the wall, arms folded across his chest as he watched the doctor examine the girl Cera. Rufus was standing on the opposite side of her bed, his hands linked together in front of him as he observed the proceedings. It had taken less than five minutes for both of them to arrive after Reno had made the initial call to his boss, and those five minutes had been the most awkward passage of time he had ever experienced.

He had expected her to go ballistic after realizing she had no memory, but she had remained unusually calm. Perhaps she was just in shock, but …

FF Fan Fiction Chapter 3

Rude looked up from his paperwork to where Reno was sitting at his desk across the office. The redhead had his feet propped up on the desk, a pencil stuck between his upper lip and his nose as he reclined in his chair.

“Are you going to do any work today?” Rude asked, gesturing to the pile of paperwork on his partner’s desk.

“I’m trying to make it last as long as I can,” Reno replied, careful to keep his upper lip curled enough to keep the pencil poised like a mustache. “We both know field work has been slow since ShinRa’s adopted this whole ‘kinder, gentler’ image.”

Rude sighed …

FF Fan Fiction Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Reno sighed heavily, his blue eyes turned upward toward the ceiling of the corridor outside the intensive care enter in Edge’s largest hospital which, coincidentally, was owned and operated by ShinRa. His slender arms were crossed over his chest, his long fingers tapping an impatient rhythm on the sleeve of his blazer as he bounced his head off the wall behind him. Rude was seated nearby, patiently reading through some sort of magazine. He turned his shaded eyes to his partner as he flipped the page, shaking his head slightly.

“Sit down, Reno,” he requested.

“How long do you think we’re going to actually have to be here?” …

FF Fan Fiction Chapter 1

Chapter One

Not much remained of ShinRa’s biological research center. Located in Junon, it had been the site of various experiments for nearly twenty years. There was a time when the facility had been shut down, with the relocation of Sister Ray to the company’s main headquarters in Midgar, but the doors had once again been opened in recent months under the orders of President Rufus Shinra.

Despite the fact that the center was now being used to conduct experiments that – if successful – would assist the Planet and its people in healing the wounds caused by the catastrophic events in Sephiroth’s wake, there were still those who vehemently …

Final Fantasy 7

A giant Mako company known as Shinra is threatening the land by sucking the life out of the land with big machines known as reactors. Shinra creates Mako and Materia, which grants the wisdom of the Ancients to the user. These resources are growing low and it’s slowly taking its toll on the planet. Shinra is well aware of this fact but they keep sucking the life from the planet with no remorse.


Shinra’s evil deeds are the least of their problems. A long thought dead warrior from the past is now seeking more power. He seeks vengeance for the Ancients, his race. He gains extreme amounts of power from the planet and knowledge from books on the Ancients, he’s a deadly threat to the
planet and to everything held sacred. Now it’s up to one mercenary and a small rebel group known as AVALANCHE from the slums, they have set their eyes on defending the poor and taking action on Shinra and putting a stop to their evil deeds. Only time will tell what is in for them, you have three discs of pure RPG gaming to find out for yourself, have fun.


Game: Final Fantasy 7
Platform: Sony Playstation
Published by: Eidos Interactive
Developed by: Square
Players: 1
Medium: 1 DVD Disc
Genre: Turn-Based Roleplaying
Official website: http://na.square-enix.com/games/FFVII/
Release Dates:
Japan: March 9th, 1998
US: June 24th, 1998
Europe: March 9th, 1998
Final Fantasy 7 launched the Final Fantasy series into the limelight.

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