Nomura Interview on FF:Fabula Nova Crystallis

Tetsuya Nomura seems to be getting a lot of coverage these days. Here’s another interview with him. This time its the Fabula Nova Crystallis project.

“In Versus XIII we want to elaborate more on the world and the human side of the characters, their way of thinking and how and why they behave like they do. This might take the game conception to a darker level than the other games in the FF series.”

“How Versus XIII’s concept works is difficult to explain, because it’s really more about the series as a whole than just FFXIII. There are no explicit rules for how a Final Fantasy game should be…I want to propose another view of how FF could be, or should be: there is a long tradition, and my intention is that Versus will be distinct from that.”

“The stories from the past entries in the Final Fantasy series are not exactly as I would have done, but that’s as it should be because I didn’t direct them. My only concern in terms of Versus XIII is that FF always talks about human emotion and psychologies in a broad way, and I want to go deeper in terms of offering some crude reality in terms of human emotion or human behaviour.”

“There are no particular shared aspects of the [three] stories, characters or locations, but there is a battle of the gods that lies behind each tale and gives it inspiration in a different way.”

“One of the directions that interests me is how to manage and create, using the PS3, a seamless environment. In the past, field space has always been limited technically” in Versus XIII we want to see a seamless environment, and that in itself will create new situations and game elements.”

“But as for the differences between KH and FF, KH is a lighter world of magic, fantasy, and people doing good things. I’ve been in that world for a very long time – perhaps too long.”

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