Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles



The first title released on a Nintendo platform since Sony’s takeover of the series, Crystal Chronicles offered a deviation from the standard graphics and game play of it’s time, offering multiplayer options and a single player option with a GBA.


Seek the water of life.

Long ago, miasma swallowed the world. Its very touch was fatal, and it claimed many lives. But we have since discovered a way to hold it at bay.

Crystals protect us from miasma. Smaller crystals now guard the villages of the world, while greater ones guard the cities. We all live our lives within the embrace of the crystals’ blessing.

The power of the crystals is not limitless, however; it gradually diminishes over time. We must rekindle the crystals’ radiance each year by purifying them with myrrh. In turn, they protect us from the miasma for another year.

But myrrh cannot be found just anywhere. We must seek it in the dark depths of dungeons, across forbidding mountains, and even beyond the sea.

This task falls to groups of brave young men and women sent off each year by every town the world over. It is their duty to collect myrrh and bring it home. They are known as the crystal caravans.

This is the tale of one such caravan and its adventures.


O, keepers of the crystal,
Thy memories to the light shall flow,
Forgotten jewels that lose their glow.

In time they shall return a new,
To be gathered like drops of dew.

Journey forth!

Seek the water of life.


Game: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Platform: Nintendo Gamecube

Published by: Square Electronic Arts

Developed by: Square

Players: 1

Medium: 1 Disc

Genre: Strategy Roleplaying

Official website: Square Enix Official Site

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